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Hello, my name is Colby Park. Welcome to my website!
Isn't Utah beautiful? I can't believe what we have here in
our backyards. I have always loved the outdoors and the
beauty, but it wasn't until a couple of weeks ago when it
finally hit me. As a SUU student I am taking a class called
Natural History Studies. As we go on these field trips we
look at nature in a whole new way. I have always enjoyed
the outdoors, but now I am learning what is really out
there. By that, I mean actually identifying a tree, plant, or
animal. I knew a few of the common trees and plants, but
now knowing more, it seems like I appreciate the
outdoors and beauty even more.
My purpose for the site is to create a good online
reference or guide to Utah's common species.
Hopefully I can help someone else open their eyes to
the beauty that nature has to offer. Trees, Shrubs,
Mammals, and Fish are the types of species here in
Utah that interest me the most and I want to learn more
about. Because of that and for the time I have, that is
why I have only listed these four species.